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About Us

Family Owned and Family Operated

Bert Bullock is a well known master well driller helping care for Hampton Roads' water well needs for over 35 years. 

Our Story

Bert Bullock has never been afraid of hard work so it should come as no surprise that he began his career in the water well field when he was just 15 years old. As childhood friends and teenage sweethearts, Taraleigh remembers Bert working long hours even then, before arriving for dinner at her grandparent's house and falling asleep on the couch!

 Always one to pay attention to details, Bert quickly won the respect of others in the field, but the long hours and other life challenges  took a toll on the young couple and they eventually went their own way. 

Finally in 2019, Bert and  Taraleigh found themselves available and decided to reunite and take the plunge in more ways than one! After "finally getting it right" by getting married, the pair studied and passed the contractors test together, bought a well rig, and hit the ground running. In fact, they did all the things that are the worst stressors, at once...they got married, moved, started a business, committed to working with a spouse, navigated a pandemic, and adopted dogs :) 

It hasn't been easy, but is has been rewarding!

Here we are a few short challenging years later and their lives are blessed beyond  measure! Bert remains in constant demand by clients, contractors, and even other well professionals. His vast knowledge, experience, innate mechanical ability, and logical approach to every situation is reflected in his consistently high ratings on Angi. The business continues to expand and they are grateful to everyone who believes in them, especially their family and staff. It is so important to them to provide quality service with kindness, honesty and  deep appreciation.

Thank you! 

Heather and Taraleigh
Heather, Taraleigh, Justin and Bert
Taraleigh and Bert
Heather and Taraleigh
Brandon and Bert
Bert, hard at work!
Heather's first day
Heather and Justin join in Halloween fun!
A VERY happy Heather at Fall Field Training Day :)
Bert is smiling!!
Brandon and Bert, supervising!
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